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Legal Information and Resources:
Nova Scotia Legal Aid

Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides legal information and resources to all Nova Scotians, including documents that you can read or download, and websites you can visit to get information on many types of legal and related topics.

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service does community outreach, education, organizing, lobbying and test case litigation to combat injustices affecting persons with low incomes in Nova Scotia. Community groups and community based agencies with mandates to fight poverty and injustice may apply for legal advice, assistance, and community development and education services. The Service offers advocacy workshops and legal information sessions, and works with other groups to lobby the government on social assistance policy and other policies negatively affecting persons with low incomes.

Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) is a charitable organization providing Nova Scotians with information and resources about the law since 1982. Nova Scotians have a right and responsibility to learn about the laws that affect them. And to do this, Nova Scotians must have access to these laws and easy to understand information. Providing easy access to law information is fundamental to a fair justice system.

Family Law Nova Scotia  

Family Law Nova Scotia offers information relating to the law, processes, and services that make up family law in Nova Scotia. This website will help you understand your family law issue and will provide the tools to allow you to navigate the options available to help solve your problem.  

Representing Yourself in Court:
Courts of Nova Scotia

Legal proceedings can be very complex – not only what goes on in the courtroom, but also the process leading up to your court appearance. The Courts of Nova Scotia provides brochures with step-by-step instructions, answers frequently asked questions, and provides examples of court forms for each type and level of court. There is also practical materials that self-represented litigants may find useful.