Research the Case Law

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)

CanLII provides access to court judgments from all Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, federal courts, and the courts in all Canada’s provinces and territories. It also contains the consolidated statutes and regulations of every jurisdiction in Canada. Finally, the site hosts a database of case commentary and case summaries by the legal community. 

The CanLII Primer: Legal Research Principles

The CanLII Primer helps self-represented litigants navigate CanLll in order to prepare for the presentation of their cases – in court, in chambers, or as part of a negotiation or mediation. It offers some fundamental principles regarding how law is created in Canada. It also provides a Glossary containing common legal terms.

The Courts of Nova Scotia Decision Database  

The Decision Database contains most of the Nova Scotia Courts’ written decisions released publicly since 2003. The collection is updated daily.